Distance Reiki Treatment

Distance Reiki Treatment

45 minute distance reiki treatment with a free consultation before and after

Read Michelle Wallace's distance reiki experience here 

In a typical distant reiki session, the practitioner and client will communicate either via phone or email. At an agreed upon time, the practitioner will intuitively connect with the client, observe their energy field, and replenish with light. They may also cut cords, balance chakras, channel messages from spirit guides, or work with crystal energy. In both distant and in person sessions, the practitioner must have consent from the recipient. It’s unethical to shift energy in another person’s field without their knowledge and permission.


While receiving distant reiki healing, many people experience deep relaxation, ease of pain and tension in the body, increased vitality, peace and clarity. As the life force energy is balanced and lower vibrations are transmuted, recipients may experience warmth, coolness, tingling, vibration, and pressure. They may find a deep state of meditation, or experience an emotional release such as crying. Some clients are sensitive enough to know which area of the body is coming into alignment. They may also receive intuitive guidance in any area of life such as romantic relationships, work, spiritual wellbeing, personal growth, or health. 

I have found that my clients are able to shift and transform limiting thought patterns, beliefs, memories, and emotions that have been keeping them feeling stuck or blocked.


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